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Teranex Standards Converter Rental

The world's leading standards converter lets you move between hundreds of video formats instantly!

Key Features:


Teranex is the world renowned standards converter with incredible virtually transparent quality! Broadcast masters are converted with full quality allowing worldwide distribution. Teranex is perfect for live production and, with the built-in Thunderbolt? port, can also be used for cleaning and converting content for authoring as well as video capture and playback for editing, design and effects! Teranex is the perfect video converter, standards converter and capture and playback tool all in one!

Teranex simply provides more conversion than any other solution. It includes extremely high quality de-interlacing, up conversion, down conversion, SD and HD cross/standards conversion, automatic cadence detection and removal even with edited content, noise reduction, adjustable scaling and aspect ratio conversion. All with full timecode and multi-channel audio conversion. Also includes 3D dual channel conversion, patent pending 3D simulation and 3D camera rig alignment!


Advanced SIMD technology developed and patented by Teranex allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously in X, Y positions and between video frames, so you get true super computer imaging power. Processing is applied within the frame and between frames all at the same time, so you get better de-interlacing, inter-frame interpolation and noise reduction. This is why Teranex conversions are indistinguishable from the original master!


  • High Quality De-interlace
  • Up Conversion
  • Down Conversion
  • SD/HD Cross Conversion
  • SD/HD Standards Conversion
  • Cadence Detect and Remove
  • Noise Reduction
  • Adjustable Scaling
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • And much more...